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not rush to judgment. he's in santa clara county jail. he could be arraigned tomorrow. >> wayne, thank you very much. we're learning more about a teenager killed in an elementary school last night. the 19-year-old was a freshman at laney college and played with the football team. police say he was playing a game of dice with other people on campus when shot and killed. friends and family under shock and angry. >> this is a heart break. this lets me know there are people out there that don't want to see a young man that have something going for them self being successful. >> hillside elementary was closed today so police could gather more evidence. classes resume tomorrow. >> the charred remains nound a burned cabin in big bear mountains have been identified as christopher dorner. the manhunt that lasted more
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than a week for the excop ended when the cabin went up in flames. the san bernardino sheriff announced a positive identification just about an hour ago saying they've confirmed it's dorner through dental records. officials have not given a cause of death. officers say they heard a gunshot air, single shot at the cabin caught fire suggesting dorner might have shot himself. >> mountain view police arrest aid high school student who wore a gas mask to school today. police received calls from about 8:00 from people disturbed by what the 15-year-old was wearing. officers found him in class. he told police the costume was meant to be a prank. >> millions are taking part in what some are calling a dance revolution to stop violence against women.
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we are live from san francisco city hall tonight. there is an event happening as is. there is a dj playing, drummers hip-hop dancers. i just ran into the d.a.who says he's going to be dancing as well. it's a unique message that reached a place today where it really resonated. >> everybody is dancing to the same song today. >> that is going to create a shift of consciousness. just the rhythm on the earth. think bit. a billion people, dancing. >> it's called break the chain. when you're an inmate in antiviolence program the word resonated. >> it's amazing and hopefully we can reach everybody and break the chains of violence.
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>> san francisco is taking part in the global campaign. in county jail, captain paulson joined inmates. >> i want to make the world better that. is why i'm doing this, today. >> inmates say music and movements are a powerful form of healing. these women part of a recovery program in the jail. >> hopefully today is a better day than yesterday.7(zc i think this is going help me move forward. >> idea of bringing the movement into jails is sheriff ross mirkarimi. both danced with the inmates today after he was reportedly left out of the ceremony at city hall. >> i don't dwell on it.>raaçvv it's about them, it's about them. >> the sheriff says he thinks
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he described as coverage of the program into this jail saying he's considering making dance a permanent part there. they're hoping to get thousands of people before the night is over. >> thank you. >> at the golden gate movement was kicking up heels for the one billion rising campaign. members started on the south end ask dance add cross the bridge today. the one billion rising valentine's day awareness campaign was ab idea of the author of the "vagina monologues". >> sky 7 is live over a shooting scene in east san jose we believe is a double homicide this, is the 1800 block of bermuda avenue. there is a lot of activity
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there. we're going to continue to follow this for you and bridge bring updates throughout the newscast as soon as we get them. >> naacp weighed nonrising violence in oakland. an 18-year-old was killed at the first private art walk festival. today the president of the naacp oakland chapter said the community has to come together to end violence. >> we believe you should not let a small group of persons prevent public celebrations and events. >> next month, first friday event will end earlier in the evening. a funeral will be held tomorrow. and oakland chapel of the chimes. >> well, long painful journey for thousands of people aboard
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a carnival cruise ship is finally nearing an end. this is about 15 miles off the alabama coast traveling about seven miles per hour. arrival time is 7:00 our time but then, still taking another four or five hours to get everyone off the ship. a tow line snapped leaving the ship dead in the water. that is just what was needed of course, today receiving pictures of the conditions passengers have been describing since a fire in the engine room crippled this ship. raw sewage there, passengers sleeping outside because the mess in cabins was so bad, and there is no air conditioning. >> we're held on plastic bags and put them out in the hallway for someone to pick them up. once commodes got pulled you
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had to use the shower. >> check out this scene. passengers lying on the deck spelling out the word "help" others held a sos sign. the cruise line saying the ship is pro visioned. but this video shows dozens of people waiting in long lines to get food. the ship is still at least two hours from making port in mobile, alabama. >> well authorities today approved new rules for big ships in. in san francisco bay tankers can not no longer sail under the bay bridge in heavy fog. the ruling five weeks after a tanker hit a tower causing $3 million in damage. fog was a factor in that crash. officials say restrictions could have had negative reports. >> a battle to save a school saved crestmore elementary school will close at the end
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of the school year. the school board debated until almost midnight before reaching that decision. most students will transfer in the fall which is about a mile away. >> still to come, californians sweeten up to the idea of a soda tax depending on where money is going to go. >> smash and grab. jewelry store robbers kaug on tape, and how now, police will tell you how much they got away with. >> from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center it's beautiful up here, will warm weather for valentine's day carry over into your holiday weekend? find out, coming up. >> a math whiz crunches numbers on the court to deport undocumented students putting his future at risk in the process. abc 7 new
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san francisco police have three people in custody on multiple counts of armed robbery. this is surveillance video of a smash and grab store heist on january 26th in the inner parkside area of the city in san francisco watch them work here. the robbers held the store owners at gun point and got away with $80,000 worth of jewelry. police chief they're kerked to other armed robbery autos a new bill is try tolling fuel cal grant funding with out any extra burden to taxpayers. legislation calling for federal breaks for businesses and people who choose to sign up for higher education tax credits.
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this program could receive 40% of the funding. >> individuals who would be most interested in this fund would be those with high wealth. you know? and big corporations. >> the senator says with participation the program could double the funding that could mean another $5 million toyrg]ñ the college education fd a uc berkeley student is in[oea video referred to as the dreamers. >> there are two people thind video. one awell known director and maureen p.o.w.el jobs, widow of the late apple co-founder steve jobs. >> this is terrence finishing up a degree in math in uc
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berkeley. >> it wasn't hard to find him on the 9th floor of evans hall. we wanted to know why he decided to speak out. >> i thought maybe this is the right moment to contribute something to the movement its called dream is now. it focuses on urging congress to pass a dream act which would preproe vid permanent residency to young people brought to this country as a child by an immigrant parent. he was born in south korea. the video released was directed by david gugen him of inconvenient truth and waiting for superman. arguing someone like him would pour more money into the economy. >> dreamers will earn extra $148 billion by 2030 f they're going earn that money, that means they're going spend the money.
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>> claiming if it doesn't pass he won't be able to find a good-paying job. >> a job willing to pay me under the table i've done supermarkets, laundry, things like that. >> rick says it would encourage people to cross the border eefsh that had a thought of wanting to come to the united states is hearing the president there is going to be an amnesty. they've heard it. >> uc berkeley chancellor said universities like uc berkeley will continue to help students. >> these are extraordinarily talented people. and in the current era with challenges we cannot afford to waste the talent. >> terrence has been accepted to graduate school. he doesn't qualify for a federally backed loan. sow may not go to yale.
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so if you want to see the video visit our web site abc 7 >> thank you. a field pole shows californians are getting sweet on the idea of a soda tax. that number has increased to 68% if the tax money would be earmarked for school nutrition and physical education programs. comes after voters rejected attacks in november. >> we now know more about how the merger between american airline lines and u.s. airways will affect if, if you're traveling. >> it's a mixed bag is what it comes down to. consumers lakely to see changes your option likely to be reduced and with decreased competition will comea/0r highr
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fairs for all passengers of all airlines. lots of good things for those who earn frequent flyer miles. this is travel and life style editor. >> you're not going to lose your miles or any elitexl!g stas you've earned. the programs will merge. >> the new american air lynns will be part of the one world alliance. u.s. airways will be leaving the star alliance. a report shows housing market making a come back a big come back prices rose in january. home sales also increase add cross state. northern california saw a biggest jump since housing
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crisis began six years ago. let me show you how this breaks down. about 5,000 homes sold in january. that is up 3%. state wide, 29,000 homes were sold. up 2.7%. compared to last year. home prices also shot up in january in bay area median home price was $415,000 get this, up 27% compared to last year. statewide, 290,000 up nearly up nearly 23% over last year. >> how do you feel if your bar easta served up insults alongside coffee? matt watson is filled with snarky put down eyes thought about telling the customer she
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had cream cheese over her face when she left. she'll figure it out. >> the blog matt was fired and our legal analyst says the boss was within rights. first amendment says the government cannot block your free speech rights. >> come on. >> i know. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let's head outside we have some gorgeous sunshine on this valentine's day. >> yes. happy valentine's day sandhya patel on the roof. anybody bringing you flowers there?çâjox v >> in. i want to take a look out there. yes. i can get flowers spectacular, embarcadero just enjoying this weather. by winter standards it's been unbelievable and warm. let's me show you a live picture now from our camera.
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nothing but clear skies as you can see. and the financial district of san francisco. i'm stuck here and i just want to go join those people. we're not going to see any fog but our radar is towards monterey bay will be tracking rain so big changes coming up. here is how warm it got today up to 74 degrees in clover dale. 71 in santa rosa. up to 75 in santa cruz we're temperatures at this hour 61 in san francisco. it's still pretty mild in redwood city right now, 70 degrees. here are%hy6 the highlights, s,
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mild, cooling begins on sunday and rain arriving heading into tuesday with a bigger pattern change than just rain we're going to see cooler weather. not immediately high pressure is calling shots throughout the weekend so with this ridge in place we're going with mild to warm weather heading into the weekend. thursday, you'll notice high pressure inland off shore flow continues its a mild pattern. wind blowing from land bringing warm air towards coastline. enjoy 70s again, tomorrow, will be a thing of the past before you know it. traveling to lake tahoe snow is in the forecast you're going see a cold morning afternoons running mild and cooler on sunday. and on president's day with temperatures into upper 40s. morning lows upper 30s to 40s so not terribly cold we're going to see clear skies tomorrow morning.
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check out these numbers it's going to be warm in los gatos. 70 in san mateo. half moon bay, 70 degrees there. no fog for you. and into the north bay, 70 in clear lake. towards east bay, you're well above average. inland communities 72 in livermore. 70s in monterey. 75 degrees in gilroy. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. temperatures a good seven to 11 degrees warmer today. cooling sunday. rain on tuesday, chance of showers wednesday, thursday a
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slight chance. notice temperatures they're going to be tumbling by the time rain arrives on tuesday of next week. big changes coming up. enjoy weather. it's not going to last forever. dan? cheryl snoo thank you so much. >> you know academy awards are just a week and a half away and abc 7 is the only place to watch. you can get ready for the official oscars app. >> check that out. b debate over these eyes in the sky but critics say criminals aren't the only ones who need to be worried. >> new information bay terror suspect freed from jail once before. was it fair to target him in a bank bombin
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let's update you on disabled cruise ship limping back to shore. tug boats are pulling the carnival triumph into mobile, alabama should reach port in next two hours or so. this is a live picture. it will be the end of a miserable trip for 4200 passengers. images made available showed people sleeping on the deck and suffering to get food. there is filth on the floor. it's bad and a fire left the ship without power causing the toilets to back up. >> tough situation for those folks. well, big protests ahead of the supervisor's hearing on surveillance drons. -- drones. the sheriff trying to get approval for the system but privacy advocates say they won't be used as promised for situations. >> this is where we'rek9;ñ afrad
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it's going to, you know, people that are against police brutality. >> supervisors postponed a vote after coming under pressure by group autos we have more to bring you. sea world introduces it's newest family member. >> coming up next sweet delivery arriving on valentine's day.
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in the abc 7 newsroom at 6:00 we're follow prog gres of this disabled cruise ship limping bacçdq8ñ to port. it's getting closer. be here for latest information5% on arrival. protecting your children fromqçd strangers. michael finney shows us technology that could be a life safe skbrer a program helping job seekers dress for success without spending a time. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. see you then.
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>> a special valentine's day delivery arrived at sea world today. >> it's pretty cool. this killer whale gave birth today this this calf. feet long. >> the gend jer not known yet. >> so far, so good. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. this is "world news." tonight, crawling home. pictures are streaming in from 4,200 people, documenting a nightmare vacation. outdoor tents made from bed sheets. helicopters rushing supplies. lines for food. and a sign saying "sos." rebound. is the foreclosure crisis ending? what this means for the price of your home in the months ahead. stunning mystery. an olympian who inspired the world, charged with killing his girlfriend.
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what happened? and instant valentine? a new way to learn if one of the strangers around you is, in fact, the answer to your dreams. >> hi. >> how are you doing? >> nice to meet you. >> good to meet you too. good evening. as we come on the air, the 4,200 people stuck in that stranded cruise ship are finally scanning the horizon for land and sending pictures from their vacation nightmare. passengers crowding to see a chopper overhead as the ship crawls along at one mile per hour, slower than you can walk. a tent city on deck, made out of sheets because of the conditions in the rooms below. long lines for food, passengers huddled in bath robes. there are also some concerns about re

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